Customer Support Made Easy

Rolodesk automagically updates Freshdesk after every call and SMS. You can forget the boring updates and focus on providing the human touch!

Rolodesk is great for

Stop Updating Tickets

Rolodesk automatically logs your customer calls and SMSes in Freshdesk. You can now focus on solving customer problems. We will take care of the boring updates.

Ticket Details - Just In Time

Imagine you are at the airport when a customer calls you. You do not have to frantically lookup ticket details from another app. Just tap the badge and it is all there!

Tap the badge to get Freshdesk Ticket Details Very easily.

Update Tickets From Dialer

Whether you are in the call log or SMS log, just open the EZ Menu to access and update customer tickets. It is that easy.

Follow-Up Like A King - Never Fall Behind

Schedule reminders to follow up with customers. Add reminders right from the EZ Menu or from the ticket. Never miss an action item.

Stop getting lost in the software. Build better customer relationships. Try Rolodesk today (14 Day Free Trial).