Customer Relationships can make or break a business. That is stating the obvious.

It is easy (taxing, but easy) to provide fanatical support when you are a small business or a one-person show. You are passionate, you probably remember every customer and every order.

But as your team grows, it becomes harder for everyone to stay on the same page and yet keep the customers coming back for more. That is where awesome tools like Freshdesk, come in. In fact, we use Freshdesk to provide support for Rolo. We love it and our users love us for it.

With Rolodesk, we take our love-affair with Freshdesk to the next level. Rolodesk is a brand new Android app for Freshdesk.

There are three reasons why you should try Rolodesk.

1. Rolodesk lets you track your relationships without losing the personal touch

Rolodesk is a Freshdesk mobile app. This means that you can handle customer support on the go. You can handle customer requests, look up tickets, update tickets and all that good stuff.

But Rolodesk really shines if your business depends on trusted personal relationships, where your customers want to call a mobile number and talk to a human (think SMBs, financial services). Rolodesk is the app for you. Rolodesk will help you add your calls and text messages to Freshdesk and track them along with your tickets.

2. Rolodesk makes it easy for you to keep Freshdesk updated

Rolodesk is built to look and act like the dialer app on your phone. You can make calls and send SMS messages just as you regularly would. It is incredibly easy for your to keep Freshdesk updated. In fact, in most cases, Rolodesk automatically updates your tickets with your calls and SMS messages. Even if you have to update your tickets manually, it is just a swipe away!

Rolodesk Looks Like a Dialer. Rolodesk has SMS, Dialer and Contacts. You can update freshdesk tickets with just a swipe.

The bottom-line is that Rolodesk is so simple and easy to use that, you will not even realise you are using a powerful enterprise class support system.

3. Rolodesk brings your data up Just In Time

The Roloscope is a floating badge that appears on the screen when a customer calls. You can tap on the badge to get complete customer history. This is the most powerful feature of Rolodesk. Imagine you are at the airport and your customer calls you. You do not have to frantically look up details from another app. Just tap the badge and it is all there!

Tap the badge to get Freshdesk Ticket Details Very easily.

Easy to update and easy to use. That is Rolodesk in a nutshell. Check out our two-minute video or head over to the Freshdesk Marketplace to check us out.