If you have been in business for some time, you know that repeat sales from existing customers are a great source of revenue. It is just easier and cheaper to sell to someone who has already decided to buy from you once.

Happy customers keep coming back for more. To keep customers happy, you need solid customer relationships. Relationships built on stellar support and consistent follow up by your sales team.

But is this enough?

Repeat sales will not happen automatically. It is not enough if you provide great customer support and keep following up with the customer.

It will not help if your sales team follows up when your support team is helping the customer with a gnarly issue. Nothing can be worse than a clueless sales person asking for more business when the customer is dealing with pressing issues from a previous sale. The other side of this scenario is if your support team just did something wonderful for the customer. That is a great opportunity for sales to check-in and possibly discuss future business.

This sort of seamless cooperation cannot be achieved just through joint workshops and a few occasional meetings. Sales must be plugged into the support work flow. When the sales person picks up the phone to call the customer, it is important to know the problems a customer has had and what you are doing to help. It shows the customer that you are not a soulless mega corp where support is a ‘different department’.

How do you make this happen?

To begin with, your sales team must be able to get access to your help-desk software at little or no extra cost. Freshdesk really shines here. With Freshdesk, it is easy to add additional agents. The sprout plan is free for unlimited agents and for other plans, it is very easy to add occasional agents.

But having to open Freshdesk before a call could be overwhelming for the sales team. A sales person does not have to wade through the nitty gritties of tickets and SLAs. She just needs to know if the customer has any issues pending resolution.

Rolodesk for Freshdesk makes it easy for anyone to access this information without having to navigate through a support work flow. Rolodesk just looks and feels like a regular dialer. Before calling the customer, just tap on the profile picture and you get an immediate picture of interactions between the customer and your support team.

Get Ticket Updates Right From The Call Log

When your customer calls you back, we popup this information in a floating badge we call the Roloscope.

Tap the badge to get Freshdesk Ticket Details Very easily.

When the sales person is armed with this information, she can make decisions. Decisions that can significantly improve customer relationships. When sales and support teams work in lock-step, it is easier to reap the benefits of great customer service.

When it comes to building customer relationships for repeat business, great customer service is just table stakes. In order to build a sustainable competitive advantage, your support efforts must be leveraged by the sales team to score repeat businesses and referrals. Rolodesk allows your sales teams to plug into and leverage customer support excellence.